Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the Golden Ticket Sports Centre?
To get to the Sports Centre, you will need to turn right off Thatcher Drive going eastbound.  

There is no ability to turn left when travelling westbound on Thatcher Drive, and you may need to cross Main Street to make a U-turn.  

Thatcher Drive is accessible from the Number 1 Trans-Canada Highway or from Main Street.
Where do I park?
Once you have turned off Thatcher, you will enter a gravel parking lot.
This parking lot is shared with the golf course.  
The entrance to the Golden Ticket Sports Centre is located at the end of the roundabout.
What kind of programs will be run at the Golden Ticket Sports Centre?
Golden Ticket Sports will organize and operate various camps for all ages of basketball and volleyball players. These programs include: summer camps, joint partnership academies with local school divisions, mini camps during holidays and much, much more!

Other groups and organizations (volleyball, pickleball, and wrestling, etc) may rent time in the facility as well, so be on the lookout for chances to register your child!
Can I rent out time in the Golden Ticket Sports Centre?
Outside user groups will be able to access a master schedule through our scheduling software that will allow them to choose available dates and times for rental.  

Click here for the Booking page.
How much court space does the Golden Ticket Sports Centre offer?
The Golden Ticket Sports Centre will feature over 9,000 square feet of premium hardwood flooring, installed by Titan Sports Systems.

The court will feature a main basketball court of official FIBA dimensions, and two 80-foot-long accessory courts running the width of the floor.

The floor will also feature 2 official size volleyball courts, and 6 pickleball courts will run the width of the floor with and will be divided by premium, and mobile, nets and stanchions.
How do I register my child for a camp at the Golden Ticket Sports Centre?
To register your child, follow this link and select the appropriate age group and desired date and time.
Where can parents, friends and family view on-court activities?
The Golden Ticket Sports Centre features upstairs and downstairs viewing areas, and will have bleachers accessible to anyone along the east side of the floor.
What is Golden Ticket Sports?
Golden Ticket Sports Inc. operates out of Regina, Saskatchewan, offering high-level basketball development camps and sessions for players of all ages, as well as coaching development materials and clinics.

The company was founded by Tanner Brightman (Regina) and Chris King (Lloydminster). Together, they have over 30 years of coaching experience at the grassroots, high school, college and national levels.

Using this experience, Tanner and Chris opened Hoop Factory in Lloydminster; an 8000 sq. foot warehouse that was completely stripped and retrofitted into a multisport facility offering 3 basketball courts and 2 volleyball courts.

Hoop Factory now serves as the premier destination for basketball and volleyball in the city, and as the home of the Golden Ticket Basketball Academy, operated in partnership with the Lloydminster Public School Division.

The Golden Ticket Sports Centre takes the same concept as Hoop Factory, and applies it on a larger scale, offering more courts, educational space, improved spectator viewing, and more opportunity for you to improve your game.
Can I purchase a membership to the Golden Ticket Sports Centre?
Memberships to the facility will be made available at our front desk and will allow access for an average of 14 hours of uninterrupted, exclusive access to all 3 basketball courts, per week. Other drop in opportunities will be made available on a per night basis.

The cost of the membership is $40/month, or $350.00/year and can be purchased by in person at our front desk.